Flat Eye presents a possible future which may be neither desirable nor avoidable.

To create this world and make it credible, MONKEY MOON took inspiration from the present. There is no lack of sources: online articles, social media videos, scientific journals and more. On the team's private chat, one observation came up again and again: ""when reality goes beyond fiction."" Things that may seem a long way off or even impossible in the game may in fact have already happened, and some of the game's narrative threads were directly inspired by these true stories.
As archivist for the project, my mission, toward the end of the development process, was to gather all of these articles to create this coherent bibliography. It provides a closer look at what inspired Flat Eye, of course, but also at our present--a time of such rapid, constant change that we don't even realize it's happening anymore.
The goal of this snapshot of the world is to place Flat Eye's major themes (artificial intelligence, the future of work, social change, etc.) in their context. The bibliography sorts articles into several different categories (with frequent overlaps) and provides a summary for each. If you're only after the links and references, you'll find it all at the bottom of the page.

September 2022. The archivist.

DeepSense, a company based in San Francisco and New Delhi, uses artificial intelligence to assess job candidates’ personalities based on their social media accounts.

Published on October 26 2019

Seen by Flat Eye team on December 24 2019

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Start-up DeepSense uses machine learning and psycholinguistic concepts to determine a person's personality from their public social network profiles. The tool is aimed at recruiters, who could use it to quickly filter candidates and exclude incompatible profiles. When interviewed by The Wall Street Journal, DeepSense's founder got defensive but admitted he estimates the tool's accuracy at around 75%.


Salt the data mine.

Published on February 02 2020

Seen by Flat Eye team on February 02 2020

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An example of data sabotage: a grocery cart containing hundreds of smartphones was pushed around the streets of Berlin, making Google Maps believe there was a traffic jam. The application redirected traffic based on this information.


AI bias in action

Published on July 28 2020

Seen by Flat Eye team on July 29 2020

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A quick video demonstration of AI bias: a name is entered and identified by the algorithm as female. When the title "Dr." is added to the same name, the AI labels it as masculine.


Note from the archivist: The tool has since been shut down.

Stocking clerk 🔜 telepresence 🤖

Published on August 29 2020

Seen by Flat Eye team on August 30 2020

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In this video, a warehouse robot remote controlled by VR is tested in Japan.


Note from the archivist: Taken directly from the Monkey Moon discussion forum: "Robots remote controlled by inmates or gig workers--the possibilities are infinite. And it would be perfect for a robot storyline, which alone makes it worth a read."

Trying a horrible experiment... Which will the Twitter algorithm pick: Mitch McConnell or Barack Obama? (thread)

Published on September 20 2020

Seen by Flat Eye team on September 20 2020

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Tweet by computer scientist Tony Arcieri who did a little experiment to explore the racial bias of Twitter's photo preview algorithm (browser and app). He uses portrait-format pictures of Mitch McConnell (white, republication US Senator) and Brack Obama (Black former US President) with a big white space between them. He tries swapping their positions to see the impact (which image is on top, which on bottom). Regardless of positioning, Mitch McConnell always appears alone in the preview.


Note from the archivist: The Tweet created a lot of buzz and launched a debate about racial bias in algorithms. Twitter has since modified its algorithm. Now the white space in the middle is featured in the preview.

Please remember that AI stands for Actual Ignorance.

Published on March 21 2021

Seen by Flat Eye team on March 21 2021

{Content in English}

Tweet by video game developer Hayden Scott-Baron concerning the fact that Finnish doesn't have gendered pronouns and that automatic translation tools systematically assign one according to sexist gender biases.


#WWDC vs Black Mirror. We're living in strange times

Published on June 07 2021

Seen by Flat Eye team on June 07 2021

{Content in English}

This Tweet compares the June 2021 Apple conference that took place before a phony audience made up of memoji avatars because of Covid to the "Fifteen Million Merits" Black Mirror episode where the audience of the televised competition Hot Shot is also made up of avatars.


Here's what boring company is doing to solve this insanity.

Published on November 22 2021

Seen by Flat Eye team on November 24 2021

{Content in English}

Replying to a Tweet of a 2021 video of a commuter traffic jam in Los Angeles, an Elon Musk fan reposts a commercial for The Boring Company, owned by Musk, which builds tunnels for cars. In the video, the cars which access the tunnel are conveyed aboard a specially designed vehicle at 200 kph. Other Twitter users highlight the fact that these tunnels will only be able to accommodate a few hundred vehicles per hour and that trains would be a much better solution.


Note from the archivist: The first tunnel opened by The Boring Company in Las Vegas has yet to live up to is promises. Cars drive at a speed of 50 kph in the tunnel, which has no specially designed vehicle. On the Monkey Moon forum, someone said, "Elon Musk has to be the CEO of EyeLife."

Un chirurgien de l'AP-HP a mis en vente sur Opensea, sous forme donc de NFT, la radio d'une personne blessée lors des attentats du Bataclan qu'il a opéré

Published on January 22 2022

Seen by Flat Eye team on January 22 2022

{Content in French}

A hand surgeon put an NFT of an X-ray of a patient wounded during the Bataclan terrorist attacks in Paris up for auction. He claims he's doing it to "interest people" and "teach them something". The victim did not authorize the transaction.


Note from the archivist: The surgeon canceled the auction. Charges have been filed: his trial is scheduled to begin on September 21, 2022.

Yeah we have employee perks! / The perks:

Published on February 18 2022

Seen by Flat Eye team on February 18 2022

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A picture of a company break room posted on Twitter. The employer kindly provides expired cans of soda for employees.