Flat Eye, we’re with you. making even the impossible possible. no doubt, the results aren’t Doctored! fulfilling all your bodily needs. your excrement helps us increment! making it easy for YOU to give US money. helping you succeed in all areas of life since 1994. some side effects may occur. you can check in, but you can never leave. we know you better than yourself.

Coming on October 17th 2022

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Release date: October 17th 2022

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Welcome to Flat Eye!

Flat Eye is a perfectly balanced blend of management simulation and narrative-driven gameplay. In charge of the world’s premier gas and technological hub, it’s your job to keep your station running smoothly, complete daily objectives tasked by the world’s first true AI, and develop new technology to improve (or curse) the future of humanity.

Flat Eye deals with technology and its impact on our lives. Therefore, it might contain heavy topics not suitable for everyone.

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